Scabs around vent


Oct 14, 2016
Notts, uk
Hello, I have recently noticed my 8 month old buff orpington has been leaving traces of blood on her eggs. I did some research and this lead me to visually examine the vent area. I found the general area to be very dry, almost eczema like. There is one small scab on the bottom part of the vent and one above the vent. I am significantly alarmed as I do not want my chick to be in any distress. I have checked the chick for red mite. i have checked the coop at dusk. No trace. I clean the coop every 10 days and fully cover in red mite powder. Also, all 4 of my chicks roost side by side, facing the same way, so I dont think it vent pecking.
Can anyone explain what this is and why its happening, and what I can do to treat it and prevent it in future.
Many thanks

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