Scabs on comb?


6 Years
Aug 12, 2013
Hi all! I have a 14 week old buff orpington and a 12 week old delaware. I started noticing some black spots on my orp's comb and thought it was poo. I tried wiping it off but it's pretty rough and is stuck on there more like a scab. Now I'm noticing more specks appearing on the right side of the comb. My delaware looks like some black specks are starting to appear on it's comb too. Has anyone seen this before? Is it normal? Is it treatable?

There are likely one of two things going on with her. The first thing is a hen or other chicken pecking her or perhaps she injured herself by flying or running into the coop or run wire.

The other thing it could be is insect bites usually mosquitos. Among other things these blood suckers spread fowl pox, West Nile Virus and various other viral bugs like St. Louis encephalitis and other sleeping sicknesses to everything from hens, and humans to horses.
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I have one hen about 9months old and she has this same black spots on her comb and has had them for a couple months. Now I see one or two on three other girls. I too would like to know what it is and how to treat it.
It could be fighting between your chickens. It could also be the dry form of fowl pox. Either way, they will heal eventually and drop off.
Yeah, when I saw it on my chickens, I just assumed it was scabbing from being pecked and whatnot.. I hope that's all it is..
fowl pox? is that the equivalent of humans having chicken pox?? (forgive my dumb question) is it contagious?
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I went to the feed store and they suggested Tetracycline. He also said it was probably dry pox. Said the antibiotic is not a cure but would keep them from getting something worse while they are weak from the dry pox. only one has multiple spots and has had them for over a month the others have one or two spots.Their appetites are good they are active and laying well. I am unsure if I should use the antibiotic on hens that seem so healthy EXCEPT for the black scabs on their combs. Any opinions on treat or not to treat?
I wouldn't treat it. From the pictures, it doesn't look bad. They will get over it just fine on their own.

Yes, it is contagious - to other chickens. It will not pass to you. Don't worry.

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