scales on feet looking bad???


9 Years
Jun 3, 2010
Finleyville Pa
my roosters scales on his feet are lifting and have a lot of dark color under them like dirt under nails... but they just keep getting worse?? i thought maybe they would fall off and grow new... but im wondering if this is an illness?? does anyone have any clue???
Welcome to Backyards!! I had the samething happen and was told it was mites. Also was told to apply vasaline on the legs daily for a few days and the mites will die. I did and it worked. Basicly anything that is thick and will stick to the leg will work. I already had some vasaline so that's what I used. Hope everything works out for you!!
thats exactly what it looks like !!! thank u so much guys!!! i cant thank u enough i would have been lost ...
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