scaley feet


5 Years
Apr 13, 2014


Out the dozen guys we have this one is the only one with this. He's not in any pain and is walking normal. It doesn't look like humble foot to me from online pictures but we are newbies so I could be wrong :) any advise is appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
Well that is odd looking. I would put something on it, maybe a little vaseline. Or coconut oil just before they go in for the night.

Here are my thoughts - could just be something within the range of normal I have never seen, could be some kind of fungal something, could be he's sensitive to something he has been walking on.

It was advised it is a yeast infection. It's gotten pretty yucky just in the 24 hours. I had a bad tummy so I couldn't make it to the store, but he did have an Epson salt foot bath :) hoping to get out today to get him some medicine :)

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