Scalped Chicken!! Warning: Graphic


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
Wilds of Montana
I'm over at a convention the entire weekend, and, of course, something nasty has to happen while I barely have time to care for anyone.

Last night, I noticed one of my EE mixes had what looked like a black ribbon along the back of her head. The roos were mercilessly picking on her, so I went over and saw something frightful. Her head was degloved from her comb to about an inch down her neck. It was black from blood and whatever else. She was blind in one eye. It was midnight, so I put her in a dog crate, gave her food and water, expecting to put her down today.

Today, she was sitting in the crate, wondering why she's not with the other birds. I looked at her wound--it's nasty. Still, she's alive and not really being in pain. I put antibiotic in her water, gave her some more food and left her alone.

What are her chances of making it, you figure? What else should I do?
Clean her wound thouroughly with a sterile wash-cloth ASAP, you don't want any germs infecting her.

Let it dry, then put some antiseptic ointment on the wound. Is she trying to peck at it? Then use some Blu-Kote to cover it up. Chickens are attracted to red, and will pick at it, so that's why it's good to use Blu-kote.

I'm sorry about the injury with your chicken.

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