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I have 2 coronation chicks, 7weeks old. They grew up with 2 shorty grey games, same age. early this morning(cuz they were fine last night) they decided to attack my coronation. they are scalped. I have cleaned them and can pull the skin back together. I was going to stitch but dh thinks it would be mean and I should find another way. they are in horrible shape and I will post pics in a sec but wanted to see how to proceed. the first wasn't as bad and i just slathered in neosporin, the second is horrible. how to proceed???

eta- first one also had ears pecked out, just holes, poor baby

yes that is her skull (or muscle?), not sure of least not of head..maybe a little meat on it..

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As long as the flys are not bad i would do nothing, They are young and will heal on their own very quickly.
I have seen this many times threw the years and all healed up just fine as long as it is just the skin pealed back.
what about his ear holes, will they heal over? they are just holes now and super sensitive, I put neosporin over until I could find out(after I rinsed his head)
ok, I have an idea. what if I tie a few feather shafts together on opposite sides and pull together? if I did enough it would hold it closed without pulling on the feathers? maybe?
Keep the coronations away from the grey games until they heal. Once the birds see red they won't stop picking at it and this could just happen again. I don't know about stitching, I don't have that much experience with them, but definitely keep them separated.

Chicken's ears are just holes. They don't have anything but feathers over them. You can use super glue instead of stitching. It works fabulously.
um, yeah, they are going to stay in the house until they scab, dh is taking care of the games when he gets home from work. they are real pretty, but I don't want them. I got them as part of a rare breed special. I have been trying to get rid of them for a couple weeks now. They are in a box with blood all over their heads, no injuries and my sweet swedish flower hens didn't even bother these two even though they were bleeding. I will keep them in and put them back with the swedish flower hens in a few days...
you definately need to keep them separated they'll keep pecking if they're together. You might want to keep the coronations in separate pens too as they might peck at each other when they get to feeling better. Don't worry about the ears. They're just holes to begin with, they may be more pronounced now that there's swelling. Here's a bump. I think antibiotic might be a good idea, but I'm pretty new at this too.
ok, I think they picked at the canals, he doesn't want me near them. I will just cover with the neosporin. Dh has some medical glue somewhere but he's at work. I will try super glue, thanks
I thought about antibiotics but can't get to feed store, dh is at work and I won't have the car till tonight. I have a nutridrench I will put in their water and avia charge 2000, will that be helpful??

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