Scaly leg mite


11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
I'm sure this has been a topic on here many times..Lol but I'm having a big problem with scaly leg mite in my flock. My chickens have been in contact with a relative's flock that has pretty bad cases of it and a few of mine have just started it. With individual cases, I tried just putting vasoline on their legs and it works very well but a few of my chickens are skittish and one rooster is a little well..touchy
so I don't wanna be grabbing on those specifically. Is there something I can put in the bedding or spray on the chickens without picking them up that could treat and possible take care of the mites? What is the best? I went to TSC and even the part of Wal-Mart where they have some stuff for chickens and there seems to be a lot of options, but I was wondering if there's any really good treatments specifically. Thank you!
When I worked for a while at a Farm park in North Wales - I was introduced to the use of liquid paraffin. Means picking them up and painting on with a brush - stipple to get into the scales, but by heck - it works a treat! Even the worst of cases look smooth and fantastic within days.
Spread the word.
I met a woman that said she wanted me to meet her flock. She had 12 beautiful white Silkies. Some looked a little picked but most were okay. She called me weeks later and said she would like to give them to me. My new flock of Silkies came with scaly leg mites. Some were so bad that they were going lame. Great...I thought. I took one by my Vet and he suggested Ivermectin. I dosed the gave them each a shot and within 2 weeks all mites were gone. There legs look like they never had mites! The best cure I have found. You will have to talk to your Vet about dosing. It can be a very lethal drug if given the wrong dose. Now I inject every chicken I purchase before they come out of quarantine. Saves time and stress on your chickens. I went in to their coop after dark and individually injected each one! No more dips, Vaseline or soaking. Best cure EVER!

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