Scaly leg mites???

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    Oct 7, 2015
    Below is a pic of my blue wheaten Ameraucana's legs, followed by a pic of my wheaten Ameraucana's legs. I have no idea how old they are or if they have been previously treated for scaly leg mites.

    First, the blue wheaten Ameraucana. Definitely raised scales but I am not seeing any white crusty stuff between the scales. Sort of makes me wonder if she had mites in the past, was treated, but scales did not return to normal. She has been infertile since I bought her (back in Sept) and recently quit laying. I noticed her scales looking like this in Sept when I brought her home and it has not gotten worse.



    Now for the Wheaten. She is currently laying but has also been infertile since I bought her (other hens in same coop with same roo are fertile). Currently laying. Scales raised slightly but not bad.

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    It could be the beginning of scaly leg mites or like you suspect they were treated before.
    Treating them again won't hurt.
    Soak their feet and legs in warm water soapy water and gently "scrub" the legs and feet with a soft tooth brush. Dry the feet and legs.
    You can apply some vaseline, dip their feet in some oil or use a small paint brush to "paint" on the oil. You can repeat once a week or so if you like.
    Also if you don't have a place for them to dust bath regularly, you may want to provide a spot. Sometime is you have wet weather and no dry soil you can place a tub of dirt in the coop or sheltered area for them to use.

    There are other methods outlined in the links below.

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