Scared Chickens- How Should I Bond With Them?


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Mar 14, 2018
We recently got 2 americauna's and a barred rock when they were 3 months old (all hens). They had no human experience/ little interactions so they are very scared of us. Is there a way to make them warm up to us and make them more comfortable around people?


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Treats for sure. They probably won't take them from you at the start, but even if you offer them treats tossed on the ground they'll eventually start associating you with the snacks.

When you are around them, keep your movements minimal and talk to them softly. Since humans are tall and scary to a chicken, sitting down will help make them more comfortable, like on a small stool.
Food, time and patience. Just like dogs, the more time you spend with them, the bigger the benefits. Take a book and read while they watch you. Familiarity breeds comfort.

Ideally, start this with chicks. Some just never get comfortable. Leghorns and other flighty breeds for an example. But they will be the first to run up and eat out of hand if treats are available. Otherwise, keep your distance please.
I agree that calm, patience and treats are the road to follow. Don't try and pick them up. Try just sitting with them and let them come to you. One day, one might just jump on your lap!

I also agree that just talking to them in a calm voice is good. Mine jump on the roost in their run when I walk up to them. I bend down to their level and just talk to them and they love it! They fight for space on the roost to be closest to me and when I talk to them, they make total eye contact and actually act like they are interested in what I'm's kinda weird but wonderful!

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