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Dec 25, 2007
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I think we really need a place to post scholarship info for our kids and our adults who need the help to go to college. I'll start with this link I use a lot because the scholarships start in 6th grade and go through High School.

The Patriot's Pen is for 6 - 8th grade and the Voice of Democracy is for high school kids.

You don't have to be a member you just need a sponsoring VFW to turn in the essay and recordings to.
Hey that is a great idea!

One thing anyone who is the first in their family to go to college should keep in mind the First Generation Scholarship. Almost all schools have one and it is a free ride kind of deal. I got one and it was awesome!

You will find these on the school's scholarship webpage if they have it - I'll post examples in the links below so you can see what it would look like, but all schools have a similiar set up- just go to the school you are interested in and find the financial services pages:

Transfer students


School specific scholarships

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