School, My son, or an income


Aug 2, 2008
Fremont, Wisconsin
I feel as though I have to choose two of these instead of all three.

I have been skipping class to take care of customers, not doing homework and it is driving me into depression.

My business is growing the way I want it to. I think I should be able to make a full income this year.

My son is five months old and wonderful. $200 per week for daycare is about $10k per year. We can't afford this until we have 2 full incomes.

The School financial aid office and the Student Accounts office is totally useless and will not tell me what I would have to pay back.

Guidance? Wisdom?

Edited the daycare tuition. I mistyped. It is 200 instead of 300
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If you drop a class but remain full time you will not have to pay your financial aid back. Did you put in for daycare costs with the financial aid office? Is there a way you can take classes online through one of the UW-Colleges (it is cheaper though them.....), or even get your degree online?

Any relatives willing to give you a hand with the daycare costs or any state agency that you can contact to help you out?

Keep harassing the financial aid office, you should be able to find somebody to help you out there.

If you quit school you will have a 6 onth grace period before your aid payments begin. If you do not have full time employment at that time you can defer payments for something like 2 years; you can also defer payments if you are on a limited income.

Good luck, I know it is tough and a hard decision to make but in the long run the school will be over before you know it and it will be one hurdle you have overcome.

Stop in at Fox on Friday if you can for a chat. I should be there in the afternoon.... or just PM me.
Oh, man! Decisions, decisions! Sometimes it is so hard to decide which way to go. How about if I say a prayer for you and your family -- that the answers will become clearer for you. School is so important, but if you are able to be home with a little one and your business takes off then that's a blessing, too. I guess all that I can offer is prayer.
I charge $10.00 per day for each child and only on days they are here. I was single with 3 kids and remember how hard it was to pay high fees. each child brings snacks once a week. $300. seems horrible. Wish I was close to you.

I know that financial aid kinda goes out the window when you go less than half time, but could you take one course at a time. My hubby has had to do that because he, too, runs his own business. We were able to write some of the cost of tuition/books off on our taxes, which maybe you'd be able to do since you are self employed. You'd have to check with your accountant, but it's worth looking into. I know that it is nonrefundable (so you don't get any money back in the form of your tax return), but it does go against your taxes owed to the federal government. So maybe you'd feel a little better if you could take one class a week or an online course.
I do not regret becomming a nurse, but I wish I had chosen a better time to do it. I had a 2 and 3 year old that were very neglected by me. We survived on bolony sandwiches and Macaroni and cheese for over a year. I love being a nurse and don't for a second regret it, but maybe I could have postponed it until they were both in school, so I could have been the one they bonded with more. They are both adults now and I'm not plaged with guilt, but its just something I wish I had thought of earlier or later.
Well, one thing is for sure. YOu can ONLY raise your child once and they need you more then anyone so that would be priority over anything else IMO...then from there it only gets harder
Good luck deciding and I hope it all works out for the best for you.
I just glanced at your website and assume that is the business with customers that need taken care of.

Is it seasonal? If so concentrate on your education during the off season.
A lot of good advice has been been given about taking a lighter load and persuing financial aid options.

How much money are you losing with your son in day care? Are you even breaking even when you consider income gained versus daycare expenditures. You might be better off with him in day care less.

I'm not in your situation so it's easy to say this. Son is important, put him first of the three choices. School is important but can balanced with the other three. Can you hire some part time help for the business?

Quit your business and go into daycare. Six kids is $60,000 a year before expenses.

I really don't know enough the situation to say much more than this.
I kinda feel this way, too. So if the opportunity presents itself to be at home full time (or more time than you currently are able to do) and you would feel fulfilled in staying at home and running your business then that's the way that I would personally lean. But I do stay at home full time so I just feel overjoyed to be here at home. I say I am a full time mom (which I am), but I am also secretary to my hubby's business. I just happen to do both at the same time.
Still praying for ya on this issue.

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