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    omg I hate "projects". Worst than "projects" are "group projects". I am so glad the kids don't do the science fair out here. My DD who is graduating in 2 weeks had to do the science fair in the 6th grade. She got first place in some division (I can't remember which). But that was not without alot of help from me. At that grade level it's not really a project for the student it's a project for the parent. Oh and the overall winner of that science fair was mostly done by the parent. It was some machine that the dad who was some sort of scientist had that he gave to his kid. Had to have cost a pretty penny.

    This week my sons Spanish teacher gave them the project of making salsa (everyone in the class has to make a Spanish dish). She gave him a recipe. Oh lordie we don't need no stinkin recipe my hubby makes the best salsa his coworkers ask him to make it at once a month. My son has helped the last couple of times. So son says "can't I just make my own recipe". So she says "ok but the chips need to be Spanish (not Mexican). So what now. How the heck is she going to know whether that brand of chips comes from Spain or a Spanish company. We might as well just get some corn tortillas and drop em in the deep fryer. This is the same teacher that assigns the "group project" of making a pinata during freshman year. Sorry lady but making a pinata doesn't teach the language which is what she's supposed to be doing. It's a foreign language class not a foreign culture class.

    Oh and I loved "write an essay" in elementary school before they ever taught them about brainstorming ideas and rough drafts.

    So what are some of your not so favorite projects you've had to do?

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