SCM and IMMASHEIK's photo editing shop!


8 Years
Nov 20, 2011
Wherever Angel is~
Hey! I'm singingchickenmomma, head of the photo editing shop. I work with layers, moving graphics, enhancing, bordering, cropping, sharpening, text, etc.
Some edits I've done:

Hey, I'm IMMASHEIK, second in command. I mostly work with designs and text. My nickname is Secret, that's why it's on the first pic

Some of my work includes:

A form for if you want a pic done:

Anything specific you want on it:
Anyone in paticular you want it done by (SCM or IMMA, if both just leave blank):

** MJ and <3CF, we are not trying to rival with you, copy you, etc. People have just been asking for edits lately, and I have been doing them, and have been planning to make this, and IMMA said she wanted to join**

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