Score!!! Super cheap bulk feed!

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    Jan 3, 2010
    Quote:[​IMG] If you go through 2500 pounds of food...What kind and how many chickens do you have? [​IMG] I would not have the stamina required for such a flock of that size, of that I am sure. Even if you meant 250 pounds--yowsa.
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    Ya, bulk is the way to go if you can use it within a reasonable time. My feed mill doesn't like me to store feed for more than a month in warm weather and more than a couple months worth in winter. I think the last load of 16% was only $90.00 a half ton (1000 pounds). When I had bulk broiler feed (24%) it was about $125.00 a 1/2 ton.
  3. Well, I just meant layer feed...I also feed 1 ton of wheat & 1 ton of corn per year...very little in the warmer months, just as a treat every now & then--but LOTS in the winter time because it helps them stay warm. [​IMG]
  4. AND I get the wheat for husband's grandfather's brother-in-law has a HUGE wheat farm in Richland, Washington and I get all of the scraps I feed each fall.

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