Scovy developing caruncles or is she wounded?


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Aug 23, 2010
Hi all,

I have five Pekins and two Cayugas all over a year old. This year I got a young Muscovy female to add to the flock. She's been out with the big ducks for a few days and seems like they're getting along okay but not exactly best buddies yet. (I know it will take a while.)

I know she's going to develop her caruncles but I haven't seen good pictures of what that might look like--just babies without them yet and then adults after.

Can anyone tell me from looking at Lily's picture whether she's starting to develop caruncles and pigmentation in her bill, or is she getting wounded? When I touch the red spots, they don't seem to hurt her and seem stiff, so I'm thinking this is natural--I'm just a worried new Scovy mum

She's several weeks (I think--got her from a local breeder) and beginning to feather out--so too young?
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She's in the house now and will hang out by herself for a while longer. I never see them picking on her when I'm supervising them but I guess they must be doing it in the hours I'm at work
Poor girl
doesn't look to good
Maybe if you can put a devider fence in til they get used to each other? Means they can hang out but not hurt her, or wait til she's a lil bigger?
awww poor lil baby. Either the big ducks are picking on her or there's a piece of your fencing that needs repair...that wound looks a bit deep to me but could just be my old eyes too. I hope she's enjoying being inside and healing.

I think she is enjoying being inside
She gets lots of peas and baths this way. I told her she's got to get big so she can go outside and beat up any of the bigger ducks that picked on her

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