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    CanI give my chickens too many scraps?? They are at least 10 weeks old now and love the scraps. I am afraid if I give them too much scraps they wont eat there other food.
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    Jun 14, 2008
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    Why not give them scraps now? They'll eat less food now but will make up for it in the winter when scraps probably aren't as plentiful.
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    are they free ranging? If so they will be fine. What did they feed back in the pioneer days during summer when they had no feed?? They ate the chickens during winter. [​IMG] lol
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    Sure you can give them too much, Stephen.

    One problem with kitchen scraps is that they may just be empty calories. Without sufficient protein you will be slowing the growth of those 10 week-olds. Without sufficient vitamins, you may be setting them up for illnesses.

    That being said, scraps can be a healthy part of their diets. I try to make sure that they are eating at least half of the commercial feed. There's no science in that "rule of thumb" but I'm trying for a healthful diet for the birds (and I've only got so many digitS' [​IMG]).


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