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Hi, I make my own mixture of oats, wheat, BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds), and, now that it's getting colder, corn. I don't really measure it but I use a quart sized yoghurt container and measure out equal amounts of whole oats and wheat. I'll put about 12 scoops of each into a tub, then about two scoops of BOSS and just recently one scoop of corn. I'll increase the corn as the temperature decreases.

I distribute about 3/4 of a cup to six birds an hour before dark so they have full crops. They eat most of it then but sometimes in the morning there's a few grains left.

It took them a while to get used to the BOSS, and now they're feeling the same way about the corn, but after they got the taste, it's the first thing they eat. They don't leave any behind.

It's whole kernel FEED grade from the feed store. Make sure that you DO NOT get the seed grade because most of them are treated with a fungicide and are meant to be planted only. I place the emphasis on this because there was a thread a couple of months ago where a member was given the wrong kind and accidentally fed it to his birds and they got pretty ill.

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This is one mix I use in the winter. It is higher in protein and fat than most "feed store/mill" scratch grain. If I remember right it is 12.9% protein - 10% fat - 60% carbs.
Wheat...................30 lbs (Regular Wheat)
Corn......................25 lbs
Oats......................20 lbs
BOSS.....................15 lbs
Safflower Seed.....10 lbs

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I mix millet, sunflower hearts, cracked corn and peanuts. The girls love it!! Anyone have any thoughts on this mixture? I haven't read many comments regarding peanuts. Thanks in advance.
I have been feeding 16% pigeon grain, wheat, sunflower, split peas & lentils. Right now I add cracked corn, as I have some that I feed to roosters I haven't goteen rid of yet. If seed wheat has fungicide on it, why isn't it listed on the bag??? All treated seed that I have ever seen has a warning on the bag. The pigeon grain is a mix of 3 kinds of peas, canary seed, milo, wheat, millet & safflower. I use the no corn mix, but the other has popcorn in it. I just throw in some of each. Even my bantams are eating the large peas in the mix.

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