Scratching my head over what to do -- I want AC in my coop


Apr 22, 2020
Phoenix, Arizona
I built an open hoop coop for my 13 chickens. Today it was 107 and tomorrow it will be 110 in Phoenix, Arizona. My chickens have shade, misters, and a fan. I soak the run during the day. I tried a swamp cooler but it wasn't as effective as the mister and fan. My chickens do not like to wade, so I don't have a kiddie pool. I really wish I had AC in the coop -- I feel so sorry for my girls as they are panting with their wings open during the night. I am seriously thinking of adding walls to the end of the coop and somehow enclosing the roost in order to add an AC unit. Thoughts? Maybe I can find a used enclosed coop and add AC, then my chickens could have a summer and winter home.
Poor chickens! Those temperatures must be very hard on them.

But I strongly doubt that any ordinary AC unit would be capable of:

A. Moving enough fresh air to remove the ammonia and keep the environment healthy,

B. Withstanding the intense load of dust from the birds and the bedding.

It would probably take some kind of special commercial equipment.
You would create the reverse problems that people in harsh winter climates have if they add heat to their coop: the chickens don’t acclimate and it is a shock to go from hot to cold, back and forth. Not to say that a chicken doesn’t need a cool-down/warm-up depending on the situation. In that case, you can bring them into the cooler garage or home to cool down and readjust, give some cool plain water and electrolytes, let them readjust and then return to their usual environment a few hours later.

Some people report great success with providing electrolyte water 1-2x per week during really hot weather. They need plain water available too so they can choose.

glad they have all day shade.

what breeds do you keep?
Not that hot here, but the humidity is a killer.

I give a dose of Sav-a-Chick electrolytes/vitamins about once a week during heat waves.
It really seems to help....started this after they saved a heat stroked hen once.
Can mix up a smaller amount, just wrap the packet tight and store in a dry cool place.
Always have plain water available too.

BIG(9x14x2") chunks of ice last all day for wading, sitting, and sipping.
Much more useful to the chickens than frozen foods and treats.

Make space in your freezer!
I have seen a youtube guy make an a/c unit for his chickens. I think you could do it where it isn’t a drastic difference but would offer a cooler space and might help your egg production. His chickens like it! This is our first chicken summer so we’re starting with all of the other things we’ve learned to keep them cool but we’re keeping this in mind. It’s a cooler with ice blocks in it and two holes cut in the top. One fan blows in one hole and a pvc pipe goes out from the other hole and into the coop. His youtube channel is called Fix It Now.


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