SCREAMMMM...Lockdown~I Need Humidity UP


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Jan 6, 2011
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I Can't get humidity up! At 3:00 pm I lock down.* Removed turner *filled channels on bottom/warm water *put paper towel down *laid eggs down(8) *other 5 eggs due13th laid close to side of bator *put temp on top of 5eggs not due *put container with sponge/warm water in bator under vent hole *removed plugs from top *put lid back on incubator ~I've been adding lots of warm water through top vent hole, Humidity is @ 75 ~Does it just take a while? Temp is @ 99 Thanks, Julie }}}I am gonna have some Questions in a while re: brooder{{{ ~Thanks Again~
wait, why did you remove the plugs??? put the plugs back in and your humidity will get where you want it. by removing the plugs all the water vapor escapes.
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Your humidity is at 75?

How high do you want it?

I hatch my chicks with humidity between 65 and 70%

I agree with previous poster - - - replace your plugs.
I Thought plugs were suppose to be out for humidity to go up. temp is 99. humidity now is in the 60's grrrrrr... okay I'll put plugs back in. I had 1 out the entire time during incubating the eggs. So do I put both plugs in?? Thanks, Julie
I Want 80-85 humidity right? LG Forced Air Incubator and do I Turn by hand the 5 eggs due to hatch on the 13th? I misted them 2x's before lock down today. ~ Thanks again, Julie
plugs in 80 85% humdity i hand turn my other eggs real quick when i do a staggerd hatch. you can turn in seconds. good luck hope to see your fuzzy butts soon.

i had 3 calls hatch today and more to come tommarow! and 1 cuckoo maran having better luck with my humdity at 85! i thought your bator didn't have a fan?
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I have Both plugs in now. Humidity is now @ 72.. temp holding 98ish-99 instruction book for bator says remove plugs, that's why I did at first. I have forced air but on bator it says still air. That's cuz fan was added. I know.... what an Airhead lol * So will humidity go up more?? Also, Is the Paper Towels that are laying on the bottom of bator messing the humidity up? Thanks, Julie
First, paper towels inside the bator are a bad idea. They are too slick for the chicks to stand on and can cause spraddle leg. Personally, I never hatch with both plugs in, because you want to make sure you have adequate ventilation when the chicks start breathing air. Unless you are hatching eggs that have very thick/hard shells, like Marans, 75-ish to 80 max is perfect humidity. You can soak maxi pads and stick them to the sides of the bator to increase humidity or soak sponges and lean them up against the sides.
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