SE MI RIR Roo needs new home


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8 Years
Jul 21, 2011
North Washtenaw County
I have a beautiful, healthy RIR roo, 18 weeks old and he just started crowing (since we live in town, we can't keep him). He's a big/tall guy and a gentlemen with the pullets. He's our second rooster and the non-dominant one. He's very well socialized. My 9yr old daughter picks him up and carries him around all the time!

We had 2 new homes lined up but they have fallen through. We'd love to have him go to a home/farm, but freezer camp is ok too (we just can't do it).

pm me if you are interested.
ok, so as a newbie, I think I'm not supposed to post this. lmk if anyone knows any guidelines on this. Apparently I need 10 posts to 'sell' (which I don't want to do, just re-home).
Yes, this needs to be posted in the appropriate Buy Sell Auction section, even though you aren't asking any money for him. Hint: make a few posts anywhere, you might check the social forum, then post your "auction."

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