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10 Years
Nov 30, 2013
Pottstown, PA
Several varieties of extra roosters:

Ameracauna (Splash)
Breda Fowl (Blue and Splash)
Cochin bantams (multi-colored)
Hanover is about 2 hours from my place (I drive through there occasionally to visit my dad in MD). I'd be happy to give you a roo, but I think you could easily find one closer. This time of year there is a glut of extra roos that breeders have raised with their hens and want to get rid of now that they are big enough to cause problems and they can select the best 1 or 2 for next year's breeding.

I gave 14 away yesterday for eating, and know told the guy I'd have a bunch more in a few weeks. It would make me feel better to give one to someone that wasn't going to eat him, so if you are interested in traveling to Pottstown to pick one up, I'd certainly give you preference.
Excellent, thank you. We do not plan to eat this guy, only ask him to protect the flock. I should have been more clear, we are in East Hanover Township (Palmyra/Grantville area), so I think I am a little over an hour away from you. I've been watching Craigslist, etc for local roos, but so far haven't been successful. Of the breeds you have available, which do you think are best suited to flock protection? Thanks again!
I'd recommend a larger breed (size does matter when staring down a hawk or cat). I have a lot of Welsummers, they are large and very pretty, but I've never had one go human-aggressive, not that they couldn't. If you look up some pics online you'll see how pretty they are

If you want to save some gas, jump onto the message thread for PA members and tell them you can provide a good home for a spare roo:
I'm not trying to talk you into going somewhere else, I just wouldn't travel an hour for a roo (unless he was very special).

Also, you are close to Lebanon, you should consider going to the Poultty Show out at the fairgrounds there this Sat., 10/11. I won't be able to make it, but it sounds awesome.

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