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  1. jamied

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    Nov 11, 2008
    I am trying to locate contact info for two gentlemen who were selling 3,4,5 hole wooden carrier boxes at the Ohio National. They were reasonably priced at 20-30 dollars. They had a large supply on saturday morning and assembled them on the spot. I bought one and wish I had gotten more. They were located near the sale area below the Marans display. Can anyone provide information. I truly appreciate any leads. I have emailed the secreatry with the Ohio poultry breeders association but have not yet had a reply.Thanks.
  2. foxhollow

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    Jul 17, 2008
    James Treadway
    161 Evans ave
    Spring City TN 37381

    He was a really nice guy :) I bought one box, and should have gotton two, but money was tight.
    He has them advertised in the ABA Yearbook.
  3. horsechick

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    Nov 14, 2007
    Eaton, Ohio
    We bought one too, my youngest said, "I told you mom you should have got them when we first got here!"
    He sold out VERY quickly.
    The other guy at the front was selling them for $100 each?!?!
    I got his name/number too, he said he will ship too.
    Great product, price and guy!

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