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Crossing the Road
Feb 26, 2018
The North-Eastern Corner of Maryland
“Why do you raise chickens?”
At our house, the chickens are all about #'s 4 & 5, with an "Other" as the main reason. We raise Nankin Bantams, a critically endangered breed that I had as a youngster, never knowing they were in trouble.

1. Wholesome, fresh eggs
Not right now. Since Nankins are so rare, and we only have three very young hens at the moment, we get our farm eggs from my sister's standard fowl flock. That may change once our grow-out pullets start laying, but we'll see. For now, I feel guilty even thinking about eating an egg from my girls. I would just as soon eat a Bald Eagle egg!

2. Simple sustainability
Sustainability definitely counts, except that in this case, the "sustainability factor" is for the breed, not our bellies.

3. Family education
Right on track, but not for the usual reasons. My kids do 4H, so they know from whence comes their food. Our education has been extensive, though, mainly in the realm of history and breed conservation. It's been pretty cool!

4. Chicken TV
Chicken TV? Absolutely. Our biddies are better than cable ... which we don't have, and it just makes them that much more fun!

5. Backyard therapy
Backyard Therapy. Couldn't go on without it. 'Nuff said!


Aug 20, 2018
Colerain, North Carolina
All 5 plus we do Cornish Cross for meat birds. I love knowing that I will at least have two groups of babies each year to cuddle and take care of. I can't just put them in a tractor/coop and leave them be because we are going to eat them. I give them belly rubs and love to watch them strut and play with each other. This is our first big group, we bought 12 then added 10 more a week later. They come a runnin' when they see the glint of shine off of my jewelry or clothes.


Aug 27, 2018
Charleston TN
With the chickens so much had to put lawn furniture in their yard. I love, love, love our chickens. My first chicken was a birthday present to our son who would have rather had a goat.
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