Searma hens head all reddish purple

This is her, she's still weak but has eaten a little.


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If there are indeed clues, they will need to come from you. You are there. We are not.

The dead roo is a big clue. Had he been acting "off" in any manner prior to your finding him dead? When did you first notice the hen acting sick?

Is there any chance the feed has gone moldy? Have you fed overly ripe or moldy fruit or vehetables?

Do they free range where they might have picked toxic berries or mushrooms?

Are there any machines leaking fluids in the vicinity?

Any insecticide use, including rodent bait?

Has it been very wet, yet warm? There's a possibility you have a coccidia outbreak and they are now colonizing the hen's intestines. It would be a good idea to hunt down amprolium to treat the hen. If you have to go through a vet, ask for a combination coccidiostat/antibiotic.
Could they have been attacked by a predator? Did the dead rooster have any marks on his body? Is her eye swollen? The comb looks like it has been pecked or injured.

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