Seb female eggbound?


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Jan 18, 2008
Newman Lake, WA
Hi everyone,

I don't know what is wrong with my young female sebastopol. She was fine yesterday. Today she is walking around very slow and is holding her wings up just slightly. She seems to be wandering away from the group and is wobbly.

She has not laid eggs yet and I am concerned she may be eggbound on her first egg. I know those goose eggs are pretty large and could possibly through her balance off, but I thought I would ask here before I panic.

I put her and the older female goose inside on a extra large bed of pine shavings. I watched her and at one point she was digging a little as if to make a nest, then she stopped. I have heard that an older female can help her if she is just stressed over laying an egg.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have most necessary supplies should this become and emergency and my vet is 2 miles away.

Sounds like you have it under control right now.
If it is her first egg, she might be confused about what is going on and what she is feeling.
If she continues, you can bring her in the house and put her in a tub of warm water. Also, you can put some KY or other lubricant up in her vent. You can try feeling an egg that way. Just be gentle!

My seb is pretty docile, so I hope yours is, too.
I just went out and checked her, no egg.

I ran the metal detector over, under and along her sides as we just had a building erected, no beeping, but I did find a big nut in the lawn as I was walking out there, so it does work.

I felt her back abdomen, no hardness, she doesn't feel overly warm. I guess we will just watch her.

My friend took my other female to the vet for me a couple weeks ago and put her down as she never got better. We believe she had a neurological disorder. I can't loose this one.

Thanks for the reply.
I had a chicken hen recently give me the same symptoms, but mine had labored breathing for 2 days. Wings out just a bit, tail low, not really eating. I brought her in this morning, gave her some oatmeal, and a warm bath, just in case. I had her in my lap at the computer and she jumped down on the floor, went over under my chair and laid an egg. It was very bizarre. All the years I have had birds, I have never experienced that!!
I was elated that she was not sick. I hope things go well for your bird. Please keep us updated.
I have a RIR hen that lays double yolkers every three to four days. She acts the same as you goose. One day she is fine the next she acts like she hurting. My girl has been fine so far and hasnt gotten eggbound. Maybe she is just confused or has a larger egg. I hope she gets better for you

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