Second Attempt At Chamois Sebrights, 6th September Who Wants To Join?

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8 Years
Aug 3, 2011
Wiltshire, UK
Second batch of Chamois Sebright eggs have just gone in the incubator, first batch had no success since the only egg that made it to hatch day didn't turn and internally pipped where there was no air.
Desperately hoping this batch works out as I can't get them anywhere else!
Anyway, last batch was a serious learning journey and I'm hoping this journey will be less fraught but just as much fun.
I'm done hatching for the year, but I wanted to wish you tons of luck with this hatch. I hope you get lots of cute little fuzzy butts!
Can you tell me how you handle the increased humidity needed for the hatch without jepordizing the rest of the eggs when they are all in the same bator.
I hope you get your Chamois chicks!

I've been playing with the Chicken Calculator [ ] and it is possible to breed your own lemon/citron Sebrights from Silver and Golden stock, if you are lucky enough to get a genetic mutation. That would kinda be like inventing the wheel, though. Even without a genetic mutation, you can get lighter colored Sebright cockerels by mating a Silver with a Golden. Not so lucky on the pullets.
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