second batch in- day 7 candling

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    Aug 2, 2010
    my first batch ever were 11 cochin bantams. when i candled on day 7 i could see everything going on (white eggs), 2 were no good so i disposed of them. the other 9 hatched wonderfully. this is my second batch in and they are all standard size eggs, and all are brown, some very dark (marans). im still no pro, so im having a hard time telling whos developing and who isnt. one was clear, one had blood ring, some had veins and movement, and some just had veins and no movement. some i couldnt see anything!!! [​IMG] it was so easy to candle my last eggs, these are tough. i have no idea what the little flashlight i am using is, but maybe its just not working as well with brown eggs? my question is, the ones i see veins in, but no movement, should i give more time? i am paranoid of an egg exploding in there and ruining my developing eggs, not to mention i dont want to smell or clean that up [​IMG]
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    I'm not the most skilled but I can never see movement in my eggs and I would certainly leave them in a little longer. I'm not sure how often eggs explode in incubators but I had 4 eggs that I just pulled yesterday before lock down one was clear and 3 looked like they died early in development and they didn't explode and two of those were duck eggs that had been in there for nearly a month. As for candling the dark eggs I don't think even the best candlers get through the shells well.
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    If I see veins I leave it in, even if it looks a little behind the ones with movement. For really dark eggs I can't see veins at all but have to wait until day 14 to see if there is something in there. If I get one going bad, I can always tell by the way the incubator smells. It's then a matter of finding the stinker and getting it out of there. If you know what your incubator normally smells like you'll know when something is "off".
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    Mar 17, 2010
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    I'm having a hard time candling my brown eggs, my light is bright but all I'm seeing is very large dark things. Some almost all the egg is dark, some only alittle spot, some are clear. The ones that are almost the entire
    egg have an air sac as do the little dark spots. I have one green egg that I can't see into at all. Any idea what i'm seeing? Thanks.

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