second hen is sick and losing weight fast please help!


Mar 12, 2018
Hi everyone,

If anyone can please help me with this I would really appreciate it. my second hen is sick with the same symptoms as my last that just passed away.
She is not eating very much at all, stools are watery, she doesn't like to move from one spot, and hasn't laid an egg in a few days.
I do not feel an egg in her abdomen, her comb is still very red but droopier than normal. She seems exhausted all the time. I have her in my garage with a heater and everything she would need but it seems she is getting worse. She doesn't have any respiratory issues it seems and her nasal passage looks fine. I gave her mashed pumpkin and oatmeal and she ate a bit but today doesn't seem to be doing any better.
Lastly I have had her on Tetracycline for 3 days and I don't think its helping at all.
Please help! I would greatly appreciate it!!!
It is good you've separated her and given heat.

Since you've already lost one with the same symptoms, this one won't likely last any longer than the other. Since the tetracycline isn't helping, stop giving it.

Get ready to send this bird to your state poultry lab for necropsy and lab work. Knowing which of the dozens of things that could be going on (only a fraction of which could be helped by antibiotics) so you will know the corrective course of action when another falls ill with the same symptoms.

What state are you in? I can give you your lab information. The cost varies from state to state from zero all the way up. Most will send you a Fed Ex label for shipping.

Better yet, take/send the bird now.

Make sure you tell the lab you've given tetracycline. Any medications have the effect of skewing lab test results.
Do you have other birds? How old is this bird? What do you feed them? Is there any mucus or blood in the poops? Coccidiosis can be a problem in young chickens, or in some older ones if there is a problem with immunity. I would also recommend getting a necropsy by your state vet to look for a cause of death. Mareks disease can cause of immunity and many varied symptoms. Older birds can suffer from internal laying and other illnesses. Check her crop to see if it empties overnight, and is not puffy or hard? Look her over for lice and mites.

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