Secret layer?


5 Years
Jun 22, 2014
Southwest Virginia
I have a RSL hen, Dove, who started laying a week ago. Egg yolk a little small and a little too much egg white but otherwise perfect shaped eggs. So yesterday morning I collected Dove's egg. Then this morning I collected "Dove's" egg. Then this evening I collected Doves egg??? 3 eggs in 36 hours. Impossible for one hen right? The second egg I mentioned was differently shaped than the rest. It was longer and more slender than the rest. I was confused so I went to check some of my hen's pelvic bones and came up with 2 possibile layers. Either another RSL, Phoebe, or my BR ,Piper. Piper seems to fit the bill. She's just as far as Dove and Phoebe is not as far as Dove. I'll be watching tomorrow to figure out who it is. No collecting eggs until I know for sure.
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Well I know for a fact Dove laid 2 of those. 1 in the morning yesterday and today. But 3 for one hen is impossible in that time frame.
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I agree.. Actually I did witness one of my BR lay at 23 hours between her first 2 eggs. Not supposed to lay closer than 25 hours but I swear she did.
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