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Jun 14, 2008
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This just occured to me while looking over the incubator making thread and an egg art thread that was supplied to me.

Would there be a way to create a section where members can keep all their favorite threads? And a button next to the "subscribe to this thread" button that would automatically add a thread to our favorites section?

There are so many "How To" threads that it gets hard to keep track of them all...

And if thats not possible, perhaps a way for members to vote for a thread to be added to the "users favorite" section, and once the thread get a set number of votes it is added as a sticky?
That is a good idea!

In the meantime, can you create a folder in your 'favorites" or "bookmarks" and add the page to that? Would that work as a temporary measure?
Yup that would be cool, and the more people that added a thread to favorites the more it would move up the list.

Of course there may be a problem with people spamming a thread and getting friends to add it to their favs just to get it up on the list.

I'll add it to the list I have for suggestions. Not a trivial project, but very interesting.
Well either way it would be nice.

We could either have a space where we could keep personal favorites. Like maybe in our profile section have a "favorites" area, and each time we clicked "Add To Favorites" it would add the link to a list. And then in the part that has our information to the left of messages, there could be a link added next to "PM" that says "View My Favorites" or something of the like, so that we could share our favorites with others.

And if that didn't work, we could have a place were messages that are voted favorites like the members could accumulcate.

Kinda like a "Best of" section where sticky's could be kept. MissPrissys incubator building thread would be a good one, Gopherboyfarms current incubator building thread would be a good one, LCRT's polymer clay egg art thread would be another good one. Threads that are a "lesson" of sorts, and not just a conversation...

I was able to use the favorites thing. I dont use them often, if at all so I forget about bookmarks and favorites. Thanks!
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