Secure run: to bury or not to bury?

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    I have heard some folks say that you have to bury hardware cloth horizontally underneath your entire run if you want it to be secure from digging predators. But this video linked below from Iowa State University says all you have to do is bury fencing vertically around the perimeter, 12" down and 6" "toed out." I'm inclined to try the easier route first. What do y'all think? Tell me your experiences with digging predators.

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    I think it is easier than that. 12" down and 6" toed out is 18". If you get the wire (I like the .5" x 1" is really heavy) at 24", bend up about 6" or so to attach to the bottom of the outside of the run, then lay the other 18" horizontally on the ground outside the run. Just cover that in a light layer of mulch or let the grass grow up through it. No digging required.

    Predators dig down to get under it and immediately hit the wire. They go up and down the side of the run, but never figure out they need to back off beyond 18" to get under it.

    ON the ISU video, would love to see the plans for that red coop in the background. IMHO, that is about as small as a backyard coop should be and it is of the right type. Looks to me like one of the better backyard setups I've seen. ISU guys are Aggies after all. And yes, Iowa State......not Iowa. In Iowa, BIG difference!!!
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