Security cam for spying on chickens


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Sep 22, 2009
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I just installed a wireless security camera. First such gadget for me. I have to find a power source for the second camera, but right now Camera #1 is pointed at the outside feeder at one end of one of the coops, and the coop and part of the run is now being displayed on the "VCR" input of my TV monitor. Audio too! (The audio is EXCELLENT - transmits the sound of the wind chimes, the chickens, and the neighbor's dogs right through the TV speakers. Both of MY dogs are sitting on the sofa tilting their heads, listening.)

Color image during daylight, supposedly b & w image at night.

Where I first placed the camera was at the top of a metal T-post, but I think the metal T-post was picking up extraneous radio signals or something, because the image rippled and popped. Then again, it's sort of sending the signal through the kitchen and - and probably my ancient fridge! - to the receiver.

So I moved the camera onto one of the back porch posts, checked the view, and screwed the base into that post.

I am currently watching the chickens and 2 ducks wander around (they range freely, but go in and out of the run and coops on a frequent basis) in front of the camera. It must be dinner time now, before they go put themselves to roost.

Oh, maaaan, is this fun! There goes Lola, the bantam black Cochin, trundling over to the nipple waterer. Molly, the black Australorp pullet is prancing back and forth like a ninny.
Gilda and her entourage, Emma and Angel, just jumped up to stand on the Rubbermaid tub holding the bags o' feed, BOSS and oyster shell. They like that spot a lot. Here comes Nugget, the bantam Cochin roo, hoping to 'get some.'

Not only do I love Chicken TV, but now I have my very own REALITY Chicken TV channel ON the TV set!

Dooley just realized he's watching our chickens on the TV set.


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May 26, 2009
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Your coop looks really cool... would you mind sharing pics of the inside and outside? (in the process of a new larger coop... still gathering ideas)... love the camera idea.


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Jun 17, 2009
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Her coop looks like this outside:


Has a sliding door inside with handle outside:


It probably has four nest boxes, but I cut the divider out between two because my silkies slept in it so I wanted it bigger.


Everyone admires this coop.


Not everyone can fit in the pophole within a door.


I know because I have the same coop! I stole the idea from the Saltbox coop, showed it to my animal shelter builder and he recreated it for me. He sells a bunch of them now! Oh, that drawer with a handle slides out for cleaning. I added the second ramp to accommodate a broody in the bottom and one in the top.

Sorry gryeyes, I couldn't resist!
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Aug 5, 2008
YAY for chicken TV!! I have wanted to do this but for me it is to see the habits of the predators in the area as we have lots of them and I'm always plotting a way to get them.


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Sep 22, 2009
My slice of heaven in Somerset, CA
Predators were the official reason for my purchase of the camera, especially because it also has IR night vision. I have to think on how to get a free (unused) outlet in which to plug a loooong extension cord to put out the second camera on the back side of the coops where I think the predators would do most of their slinking around. (I have two goldfish ponds with pumps already using one of those One to Three yard outlets.)

But it was such a hoot to watch the chickens go about their business without being interrupted by wanting treats from me when I was there with them.


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May 23, 2009
Ooooh, I want one!

But I think I need to give my husband some time for the memory of the cost of my new coop and run to recede before I spring another expense on him.

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