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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by duckyfromoz, Feb 20, 2012.

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    Jan 11, 2010
    This morning I woke to find a very astute member from here had found an ebay posting from a member in the USA with the listing showing a photo of one of my birds.

    With spring about to hit and the number of postings skyrocketing I though I would just post to remind you all to be cautious about the security on your photos, and also to be on the lookout for any you see that you may recognise as not being the ebay ( or craigslist for that matter ) members own pictures.

    While it was in a way a compliment to find someone had used my photo- even if did they not even get the colour right for the eggs they were trying to sell- any time photos are used without permission it is fraudulent and should not be tolerated by anyone.

    There has been mention on here before about the like of efowl- and the photos they used- as well as other individuals but I just thought to remind you all that once on the internet- anyone can find it and use your photos without your permission. In the past i have watermarked some of my photos- but dont do them all as I felt it was a bit like advertising - but now it comes down to security.. so I also apologise in advance to anyone who sees any of my photos in the future with wording across my ducks.
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    Ducky I had the same thing happen six times last year - on my black copper marans, on my ee pen and on my lavendar ameraucanas. I would only add to this is that although complimentary, I say get a camera or borrow one and make your own pictures....

    I spend hours each month just making pics, I think it's important to have your own pics. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy
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    Jan 19, 2011
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    Photo thievery is the worst. With google images bringing up pictures at any query, I suspect people think pictures are there for the taking. Nope, they have an owner, the one who snapped that image. I recently saw an eBay auction with a photo of an Araucana, but I'd seen that picture before. Found the website, contacted the picture taker, and got a response back that it was NOT them nor did the auction poster have permission to use it. Needless to say, the picture quickly disappeared from eBay, hopefully the person learned that lesson..
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    It may be flattering, but it's hugely dishonest to both the originator of the photo and to the buying customers. The photo is most likely from an excellent specimen, the product being sold is probably inferior. The buyer thinks they are getting birds from extraordinary stock, and ends up with junk.
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  5. So, what program do you use to do watermarks? I'm looking for a new photo editing program, so maybe I'll move up my search a bit. I wish people would just use common sense. I'm sure the people using pictures without permission would be all upset if someone used THEIR pictures.
  6. Iain Utah

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    Dec 17, 2011
    Websites that allow third parties to upload content (like Ebay) have to comply with federal law (DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act), which requires the website to provide contact information for anyone to be able to notify website of potentially infringing material, and then the website has an opportunity to remove that material.

    If you find any unauthorized material on Ebay, go to the user agreement, where there is a link to report it.

    Just a little pro bono advice. [​IMG]
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    Is it ok to post pictures on a game like the "guess the breed ducks" on this forum? Cuz ive gotten alot of pics from google and posted them on there. [​IMG]
  8. Tahai

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    You must credit the source, and/or include a link to the original source. Otherwise, it appears that you are claiming both the photo and the animal as yours.
  9. Iain Utah

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    Dec 17, 2011
    Technically, Mr. Pekin, it is not allowed.

    Tahai, it is not enough to give credit to rightful owner. You must first receive permission for use, and then give the proper credit.

    As for the subject of the image, the creator of image must obtain a model release from the subject, if the copyright owner commercially exploits the image. This is a separate right from the copyright to the image and is known as rights of publicity. In the case of a pet, the owner of the pet provides the release.
  10. Tahai

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    Hi Larkflying,

    I use LunaPic. It's not a pretty site, and you have to be at least a bit experienced with photo editors to use it, but it has everything I need.

    There isn't a specific watermark tool on this site. Instead you would upload the pic, the click on the "T" test tool on the left side of the screen. Type in the text you want, pic the font and size, then pick the color of the text. In the color selection box, there is a transparancy choice at the bottom. I find 70% is good for my needs. Then select the color. Back on the text screen, I like to rotate my text sometimes. In the rotate box, select the degree of rotation, then drag your text to where you want it to begin the rotation. At the bottom of the text tool, click apply. If you don't like the look, at the top of the page is an 'undo change' link. If you do like it, at the very bottom of the page is a 'save to computer' link.

    There are a lot of other options on this tool, Hope you enjoy it.[​IMG]

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