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  1. Can you suggest seeds that will germinate in Southern California that are healthy for chickens and what they seem to love to eat? I have an open field next to the grove that I would love to treat our flocks with. We have around 60 chickens and this area is about 300 feet by 200 feet. I have ample water for irrigation and am looking to keep this area just for them. Any suggestions of seed types and possible availability in Southern California (san diego area) would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would go with alfalfa. it is nutritious, perennial, and drought resistant when established. But it takes six months for the plants to grow large. It would be even better to try a mix, or divide the area in paddocks, with say fava greens or buckwheat first (they will grow fast), and other crops that have a bit more time to get established. Livestock mixed cover crops include also field peas, tillage radish, grass, and broadleafs like chicory. Territorial Seeds has a good selection and you can call them and ask.
  3. Thank you for your reply! I will look into territorial seeds and see if they have local distribution

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