seeding the run?


6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
Our run is currently a pice of our lawn. We've already turned a lot to dirt just by constructing the run. And I know fhe chickens will turn the rest to dirt. I have about 2 weeks I think before I move them out. Is there any miracle plant that they will like to eat but not totally kill? I'm guessing not but had to ask. ;)
If the chickens have only dirt and their normal feed in their run then they will probably overwhelm any kind of plant even if it's poisonous.
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Well, you might want to think about trying some grazing frames.

This guy has good ideas and looks like he answers all comments posted if you have questions.

The site can be a bit confusing to navigate but still...the grazing frames page is worth it if nothing else.
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I've been using my grazing frames all summer and they work great! I seeded them with regular grass seed and clover, mixed. In another week or so, I'll lift off the frames, let them spend the day eating and "tilling", then plant some winter rye. That'll grow though most of the winter and start up again very early in the spring. Love the grazing frames!

I think that eventually the plant gets kind of bunched up under insects get under there that they can't get so you lift the frame for bit and let the chicks clean it up.

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