Seeing small hairline cracks on eggs..are they about to hatch?

barnyard betty

7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
I just placed the eggs in the hatching tray yesterday and today noticing small hairline cracks on one of the ends of one of them. Looks kinda like old china with tiny almost invisible network of cracking. I believe they are about 3 days before official hatch date. Don't hear any peeping yet. Just wondering if these cracks are the beginning of hatching or if the egg was somehow damaged.

Anxiously awaiting the big day!
Is the crack right on the end? Is it on the "big" end of the egg? Generally chicks will pip on a side, not right on the end. If the crack is right on the end, it may have been damaged.
It's kinda on the side towards the top and on top of big end I believe. I didn't check it all the way around as I only took a peek to add some water for humidity. Wasn't sure how long I could leave it open to inspect all the eggs.
There's no way to take a picture without opening it. It's an older one that's a big solid box.....sorry
ok...I will check them later tonight and again tomorrow....I've got my fingers crossed.
Wondering if it IS damaged...can it still hatch ok?
Thanks will post when I find out more.
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