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Nov 27, 2012
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I need advice for a long-term fix, as well as short-term for the nekkid barred rock. She's the worst...a few more have just some feather loss on the tops of their wings.
Looks like a hard molt....not self pecking.
How old is this bird, in weeks or months?

They get 16% layer feed pellets from TSC, and lots of table scraps. Any other suggestions?
Cut out the scraps or get some 18-20% all flock type feed.
Provide oyster shells in a separate feeder for any active layers.

I don't think they'd like that....
as @aart would say, if it is well-ventilated and they can snuggle up they should be OK.
Keeping coop dry and out of the wind(no strong drafts near the roost), she will be fine....good ventilation is always needed.

Tho a hard molting bird might roost alone, pin feathers are 'uncomfortable' and they often will avoid the RootTimeRumble.
I truly believe most hens would like to strangle the people who put them in sweaters! :rant
I understand your concern as I've had similar situations. The good news is she seems to be roosting with the other hens- it's amazing how much heat they generate and most chickens do fine unless exposed to severe temperatures and no shelter. I bought flat radiant heater plates to put in all my coops- they never get too hot but they do provide warmth for the hens. I've positioned them next to perches and one on the floor in every house. There is a noticeable difference when I walk in there from outside, even if the run door has been open. I also make sure I have a water heater for their drinking since very cold water will definitely not do favors for hens who drink it. Good luck!

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