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Feb 28, 2017
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We made a self service egg stand too! Sure beats the cars honking!
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Some folks do have self service stands and it serves them well. Best to do a test run, if the stand has no one there to watch over it. Some people are just to con others and will take the eggs and not pay. Some are rivals and might possibly take or destroy your eggs. I like to believe the majority of folks will take what eggs they require and follow your signage as to price and where to leave the payment.


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Jul 23, 2018
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After reading Dobie Lover's post - it would be best to ask her how she runs her stand and what if any problems she has with customers.
I don't have a stand. I have an established customer base. I text them when I have excess eggs and we meet. I typically sell 2 dozen per customer to help reduce the number of times we have to meet. They are all right here in my neighborhood. We each typically drive less than a mile to meet.
I also have 2 customers at work so I bring in eggs when they ask.

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