Self Sufficient Incubator?

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Aug 18, 2015
Cleveland, Tx
Hey guys, I was just curious to see if there is such a thing as a self sufficient brooder... one that regulates temperature, humidity, rotated eggs, all that good stuff on its own without maintamience. I’m asking around because I’m interested in an incubator, but I have an issue.. I have to keep the incubator in one place you see, half the time most my dads, and the other half at my moms. I can’t take them back and forth with me. I need an incubator that could go a long period of time without needing to check the humidity or something. Like if I leave it at my dad’s, I may be away for several days with my dad only able to check it maybe once or twice in the late evening. Is there any incubator that can handle that? It doesn’t need to be very large- 6 at a minimum, but a couple dozen would be okay

FYI- nothing overly expensive, I’m a teenage girl living off of allowance. $150 is pushing it. <$120 is optimal
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Have the IDEAL solution for you, and it is maintenance free.
Broody hen. Will incubate, and brood after hatching.

A computerized incubator that could do all that you need it to do without you being there would be only in a price range that NASA could afford.
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