Selling eggs from home


Aug 21, 2015
Did some quick research and here's what I found:
You can sell "graded" or "ungraded" eggs. Ungraded eggs are not subject to the regulations of the Kansas Dept. Of Agriculture, and can only be sold direct to the consumer (not to like a restaurant or store.) Under 50 hens (which sounds like you would have) you are subject to even less regulations

Here's a link to your "egg laws": Read the first few paragraphs, those seem to apply to you the most.

Y'alls egg laws are similar to the ones in Texas. Happy egg farming! :)
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Oct 16, 2010
Weird they tell you you must wash eggs and store 45F or below. That's just uneducated law making right there.

All states declare reused cartons must have all labeling blacked out. Of course in doing so there is no grade of egg hence it's redundant to write ungraded. All states make a person selling food items to label name, or farm name, and physical address.

I like reading all the little extras to the norm different states have to regulations. There are some silly extra regulations out there. When I sell eggs they are unwashed and stored at room temp. I can also sell to retail and only need to label with name and physical address. I like common sense and simple.

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