Selling Eggs from Home


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Feb 3, 2008
Chillicothe, OH
OK, we lost our "Amish Place" we sold our eggs from (we were the last new seller and egg sales were slowing).

We are planning on selling from home and are aware of the local laws.

Those of you that sell from home is it an:

1. Honor system open 24 hours
2. You only sell from XX:00 to YY:00
3. Whenever people drop by you will sell

Also, if the eggs are out front how do you keep them cool in the summer or not frozen in the winter?




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Jun 11, 2009
Western MA
Hi Paul

We are planning to sell eggs from home once our pullets start laying in the fall. For this I purchased a small extra fridge (mini fridge) used from Craigslist
I will either keep it on the porch with a covering of some sort over it for honor system or in the house. I am already spreading the word and hoping to get some loyal customers who will keep coming back. I really hate to put a sign out to be honest.., but I may do it on weekends when we are home and take it in when we aren't around. We have a family that goes through at least a dozen eggs in one sitting.., so we will be eating a good majority. BUT I know we will have extra's as well

Best of luck!!

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