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    we have 120 sex link red stars- 50 are not quite laying yet- a few more weeks- i would like any info or helpful ideas to get my small egg business off to a good start-any one out there have about the same size flock??
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    Quote:This is just a short synopsis, I hope it helps.

    You will need to keep careful records for your business venture. You will need to record your cost of feed and supplies, including replacement birds, cost of initial birds, etc.

    You will also need to keep track of production by your hens. This will help you figure out when they are most productive, etc.

    You may have to apply for a business license as well as getting health certified. Contact your local county extension agent.

    Also, your bank's Small Business Department should be able to help you develop a business plan. Your local Co-op should be able to help.

    Once you have your business plan together and your licenses (if needed) contact your local grocery stores and see if they would be interested in purchasing your eggs. Look for community type bulletin boards that you can place a notice on regarding your eggs.

    Some recommended reading material that might be helpful.

    Pastured Poultry Profits by Joel Salatin, 1996
    Egg Grading Manual, US Dept. of AG.
    Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens by Gail Damerow
    How to Build Animal Housing by Carol Ekarius

    Some contacts in Texas are:
    Extension Livestock Specialist, Texas A&M University,
    Stephenville, Texas (254) 968-4144

    I hope this helps you somewhat, if you don't want to buy those books, see if you can get them from the local library or through inter-library loan.

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