Selling hatching eggs


12 Years
Aug 20, 2007
A lady responded to my ad for eggs online and wanted them as hatching eggs. She is going to pick up a dozen tomorrow for $2.25
I never thought anyone would want to hatch out my eggs as I don't have a pair of anything! But should hatching eggs be more than my eating eggs?
Generally, yes, they are more. In theory, breeders are fed a superior diet to layers, higher in protein and vitamins and managed differently, so of course, hatching eggs are worth more. And breeders have roosters eating feed whereas some laying houses only have hens that are producing eggs for their supper. BUT, that being said, you've already committed to this first bunch for that price. You could after this set a higher price for hatching eggs. JMO. You have a mixed flock, so they wouldn't be a whole lot more, since you are not packing and shipping them, though.

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