Selling my eggs... a couple of questions


10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Piedmont NC
Do you sell your duck eggs by the dozen, or does anyone sell a "pound cake pack" (5 eggs)?

How much do you sell your duck eggs for? I sell my chicken eggs for $3/dozen.

BTW... all of my family is in love with my duck egg pound cakes. The duck eggs have made the pound cake better than my grandmother's!
I use my duck eggs for all of my baking also

generally I sell them for about $2 an egg for hatching (often less) packing them is the biggest issue for me since they are big and weigh so much I usually use the large flat rat box for any more than 12.

the pound cake package is a greaqt idea but why not make it 6 since one can always drop on the floor or have a blood spot or some other thing...

I would sell them for at least $3-$4 a 1/2 dozen.
We sell ours for $3/dozen, but 1 lady insists on giving us $4/dozen
Not complaining. She says she would much rather pay that then buy them from the store.
I was worried about how they would taste, but had read about how good they were for baking. Then, I cracked one & it looked all snotty & I was worried again:) But they make baked dishes terrific:) I am tempted to sell a 6 pack for $3 and see how they sell. I have seen them for $6/dozen at the farmer's market & I donate .50 of each package.

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