Burns Homestead

5 Years
Apr 14, 2014
Hornbrook, California
I have done my 20+ post and Tried to start a classified and this is what it is telling me "
You are not allowed to post classifieds. Please check the forum rules for more information"
I have done that am I doing something wrong?
It could be that the system needs a little more time to catch up and realise you have the required post count. Wait a bit and try again and if you still don't have permission, let us know.
I've done quite a few transactions over the years, and every seller handles things a bit differently. Sometimes I would get a receipt, sometimes I would just send a check and keep a copy of the check for myself. Sometimes I would pay by paypal and get an invoice of sorts that way (Paypal has changed a lot since I last used it).

If you have the option of sending a receipt or invoice, I found it was nice to receive that from the seller.

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