separate chicken coops?

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May 5, 2011
I have 4 red pullets and 4 black australorps, I used a 3x8 shed for a coop and built a 10 x 14 run with a 5x5 chicken coop incorporated into it, witch they love better than the shed. My ? Is, would it be alright to seperate the chickens into the 2 coops (they both have nes ting boxes) And if ok,what would be the best way? they are all hens. they are 4 weeks old today! I would love to hear some feedback Thanks
If they're still that little, let them all hang out together. They'll stay warmer that way. In a couple months, they'll start needing extra elbow room, but not yet. AND you'll only have one coop to clean for a while!!
I tend to agree with keeping all 8 together. The problem with that is that once chickens get use something, they don't take change well. Does the shed coop have it's own run, or does it share a run with the 5x5 housing? If they have separate runs, then the change will be a lot easier to enforce.

And does your area get winters? If you're in a year-round mild area, you could probably end up keeping them in one housing, as they'd only ever be inside for roosting and egg laying. But it would be pretty tight (once they're grown) if your area gets snow/really cold, so then separate housings would be the better choice. Lot's to consider. Have fun with your chicks!
They sure grow up quickly.

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