Separate Nesting Boxes

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I don't have any pics, but buckets work can usually pick up large 5G frosting or lard buckets from bakeries and stores that have a bakery for either free or close to free......
I would like to see if anyone has any ideas on cheap separate boxes? Pics please
I've bought the Tupperware boxes with lids to use as nesting boxes in my run. I cut a chicken-sized hole in the side and they are large enough if two hens want to lay together without crowding each other. I can put them where ever I want so they are out of the way from the rest of the chickens so they are able to relax while laying and they are easy to collect the eggs from, just pop the top. I have three of these boxes. One for the feed and two for the nesting boxes.

I have a friend who has bought these to use for nesting boxes.

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