Separation time after prolaspe


May 20, 2019
Tuesday I had a hen with a prolapse. I was able to read many threads on here and got some great treatment ideas. I had Vaseline available and was able to push back in, chicken is inside the run in a separate pen to stay near flock for less stress, feeding additional calcium in feed and she is covered with a sheet on 3 sides. She did not lay an egg yesterday. Will it be too soon to let her back in to coop with rest of the flock tonight? Tomorrow, normally my day off I will not be home and we are supposed to get some wind and rain from the hurricane(Dorian), nothing crazy but enough that she will get a little wet and muddy ground. Her prolapse was still in this morning when I checked her, so she is looking good and not happy being separated. My plan will be to let her out with the rest of flock for their evening walk and let her roost if she wants with rest of the gang inside the coop. I will be home early afternoon to monitor her if she lays on Friday and has an issue. Looking for reassurance that others have had success with a short separation for this condition. Thank you! I will be putting together a chicken emergency kit now!!
I don't have any experience with prolapse, but I can't help but think she would be better off out of the wind and rain. Unless you have a roo, that would be bad if he tried to breed her, this soon.
I agree, I don’t want her in the weather. That’s why I was hoping it’s not too early to return to coop. Honestly not sure about the roo. They are about 24 weeks old.
It may be to late to get some, but I was thinking about those chicken pants people get for indoors. That would protect her rear from dirt and pecking and probably a rooster too. Maybe you can fashion something like that. It would have to be something that would keep the poo away, if she prolapses again.

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