Seperating to ensure parentage, how long?


8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
Waynesboro, Ga
How long should I keep my hens with a certain roo and how do I wait to collect her eggs to be sure he is the father to the offspring? I house all my birds together but when I want to hatch some eggs I want to be sure of the parents, so I can seperate them and put them in a smaller coop. How long do I need to wait to start collecting the eggs and will doing it this way cause problems when re-introducing them back to the flock?
, that long?!
To be absolutely sure of parentage, yep. When you reintroduce them to the flock, there will be skirmishes as they strive to assert themselves in the pecking order.
Another possibility might be to keep the roosters in a separate pen until fertile eggs are desired. 3 days after introduction of a rooster to the flock, the eggs should be fertile.
I separated some hens and they were still having the occasional fertile egg after TWO MONTHS... so you may want to keep them separate if you don't want to worry about who's the "baby daddy" or at least pull the roos up and cage them separate. All I am saying is, they can be very persistently fertile a VERY LONG TIME after they have been with a rooster.
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