Serama chicks in Arizona - 2+ week old.


Nov 22, 2021
Hello I'm an adoptions based Serama breeder in Tonopah Arizona, 85354. I adopt out 2+week old chicks, locally only. I didn't see anything against the rules of posting a website/blog to visit, so I'm hoping that's allowed (please let me know if it isn't). It's way harder to keep the list of chicks up to date over here unfortunately. I also have a few tips about raising Serama and a section about us.

Our home page is

A quick link to the current adoptions.

I'm a responsive breeder, who will usually reply the same day. I take my chicks health very seriously and I enjoy helping others get into raising chickens. All our chicks are vaccinated for Marek's.

Our main goal is helping connect our chickens to their forever homes. I loved the idea of getting to pick out the colors and patterns of your chicken. Not to mention finding a chicken who just vibes well with you. Most (if not all, some months) of the proceeds go back into the flock and our conversation programs.

Our Adoption prices are $50 each, no matter the age. This covers the vaccinations, feed bills, utilities, bedding and transportation box to their new home. We also have some wonderful deals. Such as the mystery pack of 6 Serama chicks for only $100. That includes vaccination costs too.

Chickens are my passion and I hope to share some of that with you. Thank you for reading.

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